Kochi Cafe

Our goal is to build community and serve each other. We hope that we can offer a place that you can "sip, sit and savor" the moments in time that bring you joy with your friends, family or work. 

Why Choose Us?

The Kochi Tea Company was founded in 2012 in the Northern Mountains of Changmai, Thailand. With the owners of this tea estate, we created many tea flavors. Our mission and goal was to help the less fortunate and build community  in Thailand. We served the Kochi Tea in Dean & Deluca in Bangkok, Thailand and now have opened a cafe in Denver, Colorado. Our mission is still the same, to help build community and serve each other.   

On my second visit to Steep, I am still impressed. I am hooked on the Earl Grey Vanilla Cream and had two today!!!

Erik Johnson
Los Angeles, California

This is one of my favorite places to come to get work done any day of the week. Love the atmosphere, it's the cutest coffee shop in the area for sure. The drinks are great, would definitely recommend the Red Rocks Latte.

Anna S.
Boston, MA

About Us

Jim & Marlene Heese

Kochi Cafe Owners

In 2012 our family started The Kochi Tea Company in Bangkok, Thailand. We worked with an Organic Tea Estate in the northern mountains of Thailand to build this tea brand.  During this time, we wanted to create a brand of tea that brings people together and allows for us to stop and enjoy the most prized possession we have- each other. Our family, Marlene, Jim , Alexandria & Christina Heese have worked together to help build Kochi Cafe to be a place of rest and relaxation in a busy world. 


Please join us at our Kochi Cafe location in Denver, Colorado. 


4100 E. 8th Ave. Denver, CO 80220

Current Store Hours 



Saturday & Sunday 

7:30am- 4pm